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Domestic Violence Group

“To restore, edify and empower this vessel called Woman”

Objective 1 Training

To secure the basic safety needs of all women and eliminate the affects of the “second injury” or the “cycle of continuous injury” by establishing an administrative response to physical, psychological and emotional abuse.

Objective 2 Training

To empower participants by providing them with knowledge of healthy methods to healing and self-awareness that nurture their souls and liberate their spirits; that they may assist others in becoming proactive in their personal lives, academic pursuits and community involvements.

Offer 1:

We offer psycho-educational group therapy domestic violence classes to the community and educate professionals and laypersons about what domestic violence is and how it affects the individual, family, and the community at large. This is a 10-session class with Pamplets and information brochures. We help participants by providing them with the knowledge of the cycle of violence, developing healthy relationships, explaining the affect of domestic violence on children reducing the number of occurrences of future incidents. The group setting allows for emotional safety by instituting group norms and opportunities for sharing. This training will also assist victims in dealing with the aftermath of violence in their lives.

Offer 2:

We train professionals and layperson about domestic violence support groups to women who are experiencing violence in their everyday lives. We give them a special level of training in order to help victims overcome the legacy of violence in their families. Through the "self-determination of the victim, this information offers them more creative, flexible and spontaneous responses to their experiences" (2000 Greenberg Quinlan Research). Attendants are also able to share responses of their experiences with victims who need support. 


10 Sessions - $25 per Session

$60 per Session for Individual 


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Journey to Wholeness Group

"To empower through knowledge and heal through understanding, acceptance, and support"

Objective 1 Training

To offer training seminars on self-awareness and personal development that unite with our support for domestic violence training classes. Invite counselors, clergy and staff to speak on trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome, healing, and spirituality.

Objective 2 Training

To offer training on creative writing experiences, journal writing, poetry, and music as a means to personal healing and cleansing for the victims that you will serve.

Offer 1:

This is a 8-session process-oriented conference that works in unison with our domestic violence training. We work to support the whole-person by addressing mal-adaptive behavior patterns within familial relationships that teach how to help women make more healthy choices in their relationship building, that will enhance the future of the types of relationships that they acquire. We also endeavor to address these issues in an atmosphere which aids the victim in developing a level of trust in which they can tell their story (Narrative) to supportive organizations. In this, we hope that victims may become proactive in their personal lives, academic pursuits and community involvements. We will have speakers that will be invited to address issues in women's lives where they may be in relationship with someone who has co-occurrences of Mental illness and Substance abuse.

8 Sessions - To be incorporated with Domestic

Violence Group Material


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