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Bright Morning Star Ministries

An Inspired Faith-based Organization with an Innovative Approach to Ministry

Join us for a time of inspiration and spiritual development.

Facilitated by Rev. Willie A. Glaster, Jr., MAPM

Ministry of Evangelism
and Encouragement

Bible Study - Learning and growing together

MINISTRY OF EVANGELISM AND ENCOURAGEMENT by preaching and teaching the Good News.

We will provide the tools to facilitate each person's growth in knowing who they are in Christ.  First, by offering salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord.  Second, through knowledge of their spiritual giftedness, by teaching people to apply wisdom in the proper use of their gifts as an aid to understanding God's ultimate purpose for their lives.  Third, we endeavor to spiritually equip, instruct, exhort, edify, support, and pray for one another through a study of the Word of God.

*  Every Tuesday Evening at 6:00pm, Bible Study at Liberty House. 

   For Homeless VETS only.

Ministry of Partnership

Dynamic and Innovative

  • For pre-ministerial training and laypersons
  • Most fees pertain to books and materials
  • Supporting and assisting in the licensing     and ordination of men and  women. 
  • By appointment only   Call us at:  (210) 544-0712

Foundations I & II 

*  This Ministry will meet your congregations's needs as a brand new

    Disciple in Christ and if you have a Call to Ministry with no formal training.  *  Accredited Course Studies

 * Certification details will be discussed by appointment


the Way Academy & The Multitude Experience

    Our Award Winning Certificate in Ministry Program:
  • Is Electronic
  • Is Customized
  • Utilizes a Blended Learning Format
  • Ask about earning CEUs
  • Ask about pursuing college/university credit

Now Partnering with
Cornerstone Assistance Network (CAN)

Jesse Vasquez, Director of Network Development

1.  Christian Women's Job Corps
2.  Emergency Financial Assistance
3.  ESL Classes
4.  Family Housing Program/3CP
5.  GED Classes
6.  Intakes for Food and Clothes
7.  Medical Services
8.  Network Partners
9.  Seniors Day Out
10.Single Men's Housing/New Life Center
*   Or visit our office and we can give you a Referral

Erica Moore

The ProDOcers

The mission:

Reigniting the hope that will produce tangible realities.

The vision:

To build a network of people to collectively equip one another to carry out their individual mandate.

Founder:  Erica Moore

ProDOcers is a year old now and I would like to formally introduce you to our organization. ProDOcers is a play on the word producers for various reasons.  The scriptural foundation for this organization can be found in the readings of Matthew 9:35-38 (The Holy Bible).  There are other scriptures that also serve as principle for the ProDOcers and they include Psalm 90:17, Psalm 127:1, Proverbs 12:11, 1 Corinthians 15:38, Colossians 3:23, and Phillipians 4:13.

    Thanks to those who have served God through the ProDOcers in any capacity during the first year.  ALL are welcome to serve in the ProDOcers.  If you shall have any questions, please contact Erica Moore by e-mail [email protected] or telephone (817) 495-5158.   We NEED and welcome your ideas and help in God's harvest.  You can also visit our Facebook page for past and future events.

You are also welcome to send any correspondence and contributions to:
ProDOCers, P.O. Box 331051, Fort Worth, Texas 76163
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