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Bright Morning Star Ministries

An Inspired Faith-based Organization with an Innovative Approach to Ministry


At the heart of our service to God is...
That we endeavor to minister to the needs of the community by offering help to the underprivileged, the suffering and the oppressed, thus engaging them in the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  There is a great need to address these social justice issues in a liberating ecumenical fashion. This is where we hope Bright Morning Star Ministries (BMSM) and you can collaborate.

Ministry 1

Evangelism & Education

MINISTRY OF EVANGELISM AND EDUCATION by preaching and teaching the Good News.

Through our Ministry of Evangelism and Education we will offer:

* Evangelism Training

* Bible Studies - For Homeless Veterans at Liberty House

* Community Outreach

* Spiritual Counseling and Referral

*  For leadership and laypersons

Ministry 2

Comfort, Encouragement and Justice

COMFORT, ENCOURAGEMENT AND JUSTICE by promoting life skills and employment training.

Through our Ministry of Comfort, Encouragement and Justice we will offer:

* Facilitation of the Success Curriculum

> 2 – 12 Participants per class

> $50 per class

> For all membership and non-membership

Ministry 3

Healing and Spiritual Wellness

MINISTRY OF HEALING AND SPIRITUAL WELLNESS by demonstrating the love of God through listening to stories of trauma and oppression.

Through our Ministry of Presence we will offer:

* Facilitation of the Grief Curriculum

> 2 – 12 Participants per class

> $50 per class

> For leadership and laypersons

> Grief counseling available - TBA

Ministry 4

Intercession & Aid

MINISTRY OF INTERCESSION AND AID through professional counseling and domestic violence education to the community at large.

Through our Ministry of Intercession and Aid we will offer:

* A Biblical Perspective of Domestic Violence

< Support Group Training

< Group Training

< 2 – 12 Participants per class

< Certificate Course

< For all membership and non-membership


*  Previously Excel Ministries-Progressive Women's Center in 

San Antonio, Texas

Ministry 5

CoHort Partnerships

MINISTRY OF PARTNERSHIP by supporting and assisting in the licensing and ordination of men and women.  This Ministry will meet your needs as a brand new Disciple in Christ and if you have a Call to Ministry with no formal training.  Accreditation and Certification details will be discussed by appointment only.  Call us at:  (210) 544-0712.