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Bible study, certificates in ministry, counseling

BMSM’s Domestic Violence Training

“bringing new light to the power of the human spirit”

Battling to end domestic violence from a spiritual perspective.

Let's talk about the issue of domestic violence in the DFW area. It has grown exponentially in the past year, we have added a spiritual perspective to the dialogue.

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Mom and daughter are safe from harm

Don't leave your clients vulnerable to cyclical violence.

We specialize in domestic violence/intimate partner violence, empowerment and personal development training, utilizing Integrated Therapy practices. We are dedicated to educating and empowering professionals who support victims of domestic violence. Bright Morning Star Ministries receives requests for; domestic violence training, and support group training from the community. We also offer spiritual and grief counseling. Let us be your support network!

It’s All about Your Client and the Type of Support That They Need!

Issues That Some Victims May Encounter

* Difficulty discussing her victimization      * Myths about sexual assault and general discomfort reflected in overall society         * Religious doctrine that may increase her sense of shame      * Trying to access support and help services that are not culturally and linguistically competent

* Confusion about whether forced sex is permissible in marriage    

"Women will leave a violent situation six to ten times before they make the final break," explained Kendall County Women's Shelter Executive Director Kim Keeter. The brand-new Kendall County Women's Shelter opened in April 2012, and it's already nearly full. Additionally, a recent survey by the Center for the Advancement of Women reported that an, “… overwhelming majority, 92% of women polled, indicated that domestic violence and sexual assault are their top concern…the group prioritized women’s safety as the top issue on which a women’s movement should focus. 

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Counseling a victim of domestic violence

“Communities can help women who may be experiencing the effects of violence in their everyday lives, including the church. For every 100 women in the United States, 25 will be victims of domestic violence. Help us build a generation of power! “One size does not ‘fit all’, nor does it effectively support all.” We offer a way for you to support your parishioners and clients alike. By appointment only and we have a sliding scale for the financially challenged agencies. (Previously Excel Ministries' Progressive Women's Center in San Antonio, Texas)



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