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An Innovative Approach to Ministry

Over the past five years, after Anita and I moved from San Antonio to the Fort Worth area, we discovered a tremendous need to assist the African-American community and others. In this journey, we have discovered that although this is now 2020 and beyond, many obstacles still impede the mental health well-being for hundreds of people.

Let us look at this phenomena in a different way. Thomas A. Parham wrote in his book, Counseling Persons of African Descent, the following: “the psychology of people of African descent really is about the soul or the spirit….a person’s spirit is characterized in the fundamental ways he or she engages life circumstances…in a way that allows for integration, transformation and transcendence” (Sage Publishing,

2002, p. 32).

In this millennial walk, we find broken spirits from domestic violence, emotional scars of self-struggle from years of rejection or hidden anxieties that are hidden within our collective psyche, yet the stigma to ask or to get help is still a taboo, or the old adage that says—time heals all wounds.

One of Bright Morning Star Community Consulting's objectives or “Pillars” deals with our ability to minister and encourage as many people the LORD sends to the counseling ministry of BMSCC. Our aim is to assist those who have the desire to begin the path of renewing their mind; however, there are brothers or sisters may not have the financial means to do so, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

People are asking themselves what can I do to help? Please donate to this cause; To be a support system for African American men and women who struggle with the lack of mental health options.

As we continue to believe in God's multi-cultural expression of His grace; these current times require an additional approach. Thus, we will be accepting donations for African Americans who cannot afford the expense of counseling for depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and personal growth.


Rev. Willie A. Glaster, Jr., MAPM

Pastor & Founder


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Kids Under Pressure:

Discussion on NBC5

with Anita Glaster, LMSW-Program Mgr./Counselor

Bonnie Cook, MAS - Executive Director of Mental Health America

Sarah Allen - Director of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

                            _____________________________________________________________                                                                                                 "UNRAVELED"


                   Dateline NBC:  Season 26, Episode 42 -   first aired June 29, 2018

       A woman whose ex-husband killed six people in Arizona, allegedly targeting individuals with connections to  their divorce; interviews with experts on the topics of domestic violence and mass murder.


Daniel's Corner

Grace, Love, and Forgiveness

A story of hope, grace, love, and forgiveness, Daniel passed from this life from which he touched many with his music and humble spirit. His sweetness of person-hood, integrity, and willful desire to change took him to places, emotionally, that many of us cannot go or refuse to go!

Daniel is now the expectation of fortitude, emotional intelligence, and mental acuity for every man that says, "I want to change. I want to be better than myself; my past"

He is the litmus test, the barometer, the benchmark for all who seek to be transformed emotionally. He was humble and available. How often do we meet someone like this? This type of spirit gives us a new hope that can influence us all for years to come.  

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"No past crisis or experience can dictate who we are to be, in the face of our ever unfolding present"

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