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Topic: A Biblical Perspective on Domestic Violence

What Is A Good Man

The Head:  A Type of Leadership

Celebrating This Vessel Called Woman

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Daniel's Corner

Grace, Love, and Forgiveness

A story of hope, grace, love, and forgiveness, Daniel passed from this life from which he touched many with his music and humble spirit.  His sweetness of personhood, integrity, and willful desire to change took him to places, emotionally, that many of us cannot go or refuse to go!

Daniel is now the expection of fortitude, emotional intelligence, and mental acuity for every man that says, "I want to change.  I want to be better than myself; my past"

He is the litmus test, the barometer, the benchmark for all who seek to be transformed emotionally.  He was humble  and available.  How often do we meet someone that this?  This type of spirit gives us a new hope that can influence us all for years to come.